Soul Reaper

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Soul Reaper-

Even on the first level, Soul Reapers get options of techniques to study. Because of the many paths available to a Soul Reaper, they don’t get many feats from the base path. Every level each Soul Reaper gets to choose a level from one of the following paths. Any feats given by path the Reaper can take, but the AB and saves are found below. And regardless of what path they take, they stay at a d8 hit die.

Kido – same as Dynamic Sorcerer

Hakudo – same as Martial Artist

Zanjutsu – same as Samurai

Onmitsukidō – same as Ninja ( only available to current or former members of the stealth force)

Item of Power Zanpakto – Counts as a near indestructible Katana when not in released forms. Always counts as having a weapon proficiency with his.her own Zanpakto.

HD: d8

Skikai and Bankai Techniques: These techniques can be gained earlier than the levels stated, but the character must have the prodigy feat and must undergo communion with his/her Zanpakto which can be detailed by the GM.

Soul Reaper

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